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Identity Manager 9.2 - Epic Healthcare System Administration Guide

Managing an Epic health care system Setting up synchronization with an Epic health care system Basic Data for managing an Epic health care system Epic EMP template Epic SubTemplate Epic Connection Epic EMP User Accounts Security Matrix Configuration parameters for managing Epic health care system Default project template for Epic

Assignment of the EMPTemplate to Epic user accounts

The Epic user account can inherit EMP Templates from security matrix based on the properties mapped between the Identity and the matrix, provided that the Is Template Update Disabled flag for the user account is set to false.

The assignments inherited by the user from the Security Matrix has an XOrigin set to Matrix.

The User account EMPTemplate assignments are updated in the following cases

  1. An initial import of the data into the EPCMatrixEMPTemplate table.
  2. Subsequent updated to the Security Matrix for EMPTemplate.
  3. Changes to the property values of the Identity linked to the user account.
  4. Change of the Identity liked to the user account.

NOTE: Assignment of applied and default EMPTemplate by Security Matrix is disabled by default. To enable it the configuration parameter AutoSetAppliedEMPTemplate must be enabled.

Security Matrix for SubTemplate

Security matrix for SubTemplate is a table that consists of SubTemplates grouped with one or more attributes of the Identity, which mostly consist of organizational attributes.

Configuring SecurityMatrix for SubTemplate

A mapping must be established between the Person Identity attributes and the SubTemplate security matrix attributes, in order to group the SubTemplate with one or more attributes of the Identity.

This section describes the steps to define such mappings in One Identity Manager.

To define the column mappings between the Person Identity and the Security Matrix for SubTemplate follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. In One Identity Manager, select the appropriate Epic connection that has been created.
  2. In the Tasks section, select the link Assign Epic SubTemplate Matrix property mapping.
  3. Select the Person column and corresponding Security Matrix column from the respective drop downs for the mapping.

  4. Save the mappings.

NOTE: The Epic SubTemplate security matrix has a maximum of ten Properties that can be mapped with the Person Identity. The security matrix will always apply.

Importing SecurityMatrix for SubTemplate

SubTemplates can be assigned automatically to an Epic user account via SecurityMatrix.

In order to achieve this, SeurityMatrix must be imported into One Identity Manager.

On subsequent changes to the security matrix the updates to the matrix must be imported in order to have the Epic user account to SubTemplate assignments updated.

The SeurityMatrix can be imported using these methods

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