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Active Roles 7.5.3 - User Guide

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Logging in to MMC interface through 2FA authentication

When a Starling 2FA enabled user tries to log in to the Active Roles MMC interface, the user is prompted to enter the Starling Two-factor token response. Based on the option selected by the user, the token response is provided through SMS, Phone Call or Push Notifications. After the token is generated the token request options are disabled.

In case the token must be generated again, you need to wait for the minimum notification retry interval for the request options to get enabled. The default value for the notification retry interval period is 30 seconds.

On entering the token response and after successful verification the MMC interface is displayed.

NOTE: Push Notification works only if the Starling App is installed on the device with registered mobile number. The link to install the Starling App will be send to your registered mobile number at the time of registering to Starling.

If the system is kept idle for more than 30 minutes, the 2FA session expires and the MMC console gets disconnected with a session timeout warning.

User or Service Account Management

About user accounts

Active Roles allows you to perform administrative tasks such as create, copy, rename, modify, and delete user accounts in Active Directory. You can also use this tool to unlock accounts, add and remove accounts from groups, and reset user passwords. Active Roles also supports Exchange tasks, such as create, delete, and move user mailboxes.

The following section guides you through the Active Roles console to manage user accounts. You can also perform these tasks using the Active Roles Web Interface.

User account management tasks

This section covers the following tasks:

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