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Cloud Access Manager 8.1.4 - Overview

Just-in-time user account provisioning

Cloud Access Manager allows users to request their own application accounts. If the user is in a group that is authorized to access a particular application, a user account can be automatically created for them as they select the application from their application catalog and add it to their portal page.

Cloud Access Manager is shipped with directory connectors that allow user accounts to be provisioned from Cloud Access Manager into:

  • Google Apps service
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • ServiceNow

When a user adds an application to their portal page by selecting it from their application catalog, Cloud Access Manager automatically checks whether they already have a user account in that application’s directory. If the user does not, then an account is created for them using one of Cloud Access Manager’s directory connectors.

vWorkspace integration

Cloud Access Manager retrieves a list of allowed applications and desktops from the vWorkspace server and displays them on the application portal. The vWorkspace Connector must be installed on the client computer in order to launch a vWorkspace application. This requires vWorkspace 8.0 MR1 Hotfix 362760.

NOTE: The vWorkspace software uses an enhanced version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop client to deliver a user environment with a rich media and graphics experience, with applications delivered seamlessly from any number of sources, such as Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) servers.


Cloud Access Manager is the next generation identity bridge, bringing together users, corporate web applications and cloud-based services into a cohesive ecosystem. Your organization makes significant productivity gains in terms of user account management, while access to your systems is protected with the level of security that you need.

Support for identity federation protocols allows you to extend access to your applications from other organizations securely and quickly, and a suite of reporting functions allows you to track, audit, and monitor identity management events, and to also analyze application and account usage.

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