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Identity Manager 8.1.4 - Administration Guide for Connecting to SharePoint Online

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Editing search criteria for automatic employee assignment

The criteria for employee assignments are defined for the site collection. In this case, you specify which user account properties must match the employee’s properties such that the employee can be assigned to the user account. You can limit search criteria further by using format definitions. The search criterion is written in XML notation to the Search criteria for automatic employee assignment column (AccountToPersonMatchingRule) in the O3SSite table.

Search criteria are evaluated when employees are automatically assigned to user accounts. Furthermore, you can create a suggestion list for assignments of employees to user accounts based on the search criteria and make the assignment directly.

NOTE: When the employees are assigned to user accounts on the basis of search criteria, user accounts are given the default manage level of the account definition entered in the user account's target system. You can customize user account properties depending on how the behavior of the manage level is defined.

It is not recommended to make assignments to administrative user accounts based on search criteria. Use Change master data to assign employees to administrative user accounts for the respective user account.

To specify criteria for employee assignment

  1. In the Manager, select the SharePoint Online | Site collections category.

  2. Select the site collection in the result list.

  3. Select the Define search criteria for employee assignment task.

  4. Specify which user account properties must match with which employee so that the employee is linked to the user account.

    Table 12: Search criteria for user accounts

    Apply to

    Column for employee

    Column for user account

    SharePoint Online user account (user authenticated)

    Default email address (DefaultEmailAddress)

    E-Mail Address (EMail)

  5. Save the changes.

For more detailed information about defining search criteria, see the One Identity Manager Target System Base Module Administration Guide.

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Changing the manage level in SharePoint Online user accounts

The default manage level is applied if you create user accounts using automatic employee assignment. You can change a user account manage level later.

To change the manage level for a user account

  1. In the Manager, select the SharePoint Online | User accounts (user authenticated) category.

  2. Select the user account in the result list.

  3. Select the Change master data task.

  4. On the General tab, select the manage level in the Manage level menu.

  5. Save the changes.

Assigning account definitions to linked SharePoint Online user accounts

An account definition can be subsequently assigned to user accounts with Linked status. This may be necessary, for example, if:

  • Employees and user accounts were linked manually
  • Automatic employee assignment is configured, but when a user account is inserted, no account definition is assigned in the SharePoint Online system.

To select user accounts through account definitions

  1. Create an account definition.
  2. Assign an account definition to the site collection.
  3. Assign a user account in the Linked state to the account definition. The account definition's default manage level is applied to the user account.
    1. In the Manager, select the SharePoint Online | User accounts (user authenticated) | Linked but not configured | <Site collection> category.
    2. Select the Assign account definition to linked accounts task.
    3. In the Account definition menu, select the account definition.

    4. Select the user accounts that contain the account definition.

    5. Save the changes.
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Manually linking employees to SharePoint Online user accounts

An employee can be linked to multiple SharePoint Online user accounts, for example, so that you can assign an administrative user account in addition to the default user account. One employee can also use default user accounts with different types.

NOTE: To enable working with identities for user accounts, the employees also need identities. You can only link user accounts to which an identity is assigned with employees who have this same identity.

To manually assign user accounts to an employee

  1. In the Manager, select the Employees | Employees category.

  2. Select the employee in the result list and run the Assign SharePoint Online user accounts task.

  3. Assign the user accounts.

  4. Save the changes.
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