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Identity Manager 8.1.4 - API Designer User and Development Guide

API Designer Basic principles of API development Examples and help – Software Development Kit Quick start – Creating an API Working with the API Designer
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API projects API files API Server ImxClient command line program

ImxClient command overview

The following chapters contain a list of all ImxClient commands that you can run.

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Displays a list of available commands.


To view help for a specific command, add the command as a parameter.

Example: help fetch-files

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Executes HTML5 package compilation.

This command performs the following steps:

  1. Executes the npm install command in the application folder.

  2. Executes the npm run build command in the package folder.

  3. Creates the output in subdirectory dist
    .The output is stored as a zip file in the database.


Login parameters:

  • /conn <database connection>: Specifies the database to connect to.

  • /dialog <dialog authentication>: Specifies the dialog authentication.

Required parameters:

  • /path <path to main folder>: Enter the path to the main folder. This folder contains the application to be compiled. This folder normally contains the package.json file of the application.

Optional parameter:

  • /conndialog <Option>: Specifies whether a login window is displayed for the database connection. The following options are possible:

    • off: The login window is not shown. If the database is not connected, an attempt is made to establish a connection.

    • show: The login window is shown (even is a database is already connected) and the new connection replaces the old one.

    • fallback (default): The current database connection is used. If the database is not connected, an attempt is made to establish a connection.

  • /factory <target system>: Specifies the target system for the connection. Enter this parameter if you want to establish a connection to the application server.

  • N: Prevents saving to the database.

  • -D: Executes debug compilation.

  • /branch <compilation branch ID>: Saves the compiled result under the specified compilation branch. You must also specify the parameter -D.

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Starts the ImxClient command line tool in REPL mode.

In this mode, the following actions are performed in an infinite loop:

  • Read commands from stdin.

  • Forward commands to the relevant plug-in.

  • Output the results of processing to stdout.

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