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Identity Manager 8.2.1 - API Development Guide

Basic principles of API development Examples and help – Software Development Kit API configuration Implementing your own APIs API Designer Quick start – Creating an API with the API Designer Working with the API Designer
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Basic principles of API development

The main components of an API created using the API Designer are files and projects.

Basics about API files:

  • Use API files to define API methods for sending data to the application or to querying data from the application.

  • An API file can belong to more than one project.

Basics about API projects:

  • API projects combine multiple API files into logical sections. The API project includes the configuration.

For basics about the API Server, see API Server basics.

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API Server basics

In this chapter you will find basic information about the API Servers architecture, which is important for custom programming with your own API methods.

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General information about the API Server

  • The API Server provides the API that you create in the API Designer.

  • The API Server is implemented using the Owin Platform (see

  • URLs are case sensitive.

Calling the API Server web interface

From the API Server's web interface you can:

  • Configure the API Server.

  • Call the swagger documentation for your API.

  • Open the Operations Support Web Portal.

  • Call all installed web applications.

To call the API Server web interface

  • In a web browser, open the webpage (URL) of your API Server.

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