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Identity Manager 9.0 LTS - Process Monitoring and Troubleshooting Guide

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Changing the event log for the One Identity Manager Service

By default, the One Identity Manager Service only logs messages in the event log Application.

To use an event log with a different name

  1. On the Job server, manually add the file for theOne Identity Manager Service to write to. You can use Windows PowerShell, for example, to do this.

    1. Run Windows PowerShell as administrator on the Job server.

    2. Run the following CmdLet:

      New-EventLog -Source "Foobar" -LogName "<file name>"

  2. Enter this file name in the One Identity Manager Service configuration file, in the module EventLogWriter as the name for the event log.

  3. Restart the computer.

  4. Restart the One Identity Manager Service.

HTTPLogPlugins log file

If the HTTPLogPlugin plugin is configured in the One Identity Manager Service configuration file, a log file is generated with the HTTP queries of the One Identity Manager Service. The file is written in Apache HTTP Server Combined Log Format.

Example: - - [03/Feb/2005:14:55:48 +0100] "GET /resources/JobService.css HTTP/1.x" OK - "http://<server name>:<port>/status/LogWriter/Config""Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041108Firefox/1.0"

Table 20: Meaning of each entry
Entry Meaning

IP address that sent the request.


Client user name using IDENT protocol (RFC 1413)-


User name of the client according to HTTP authentication.

[03/Feb/2005:14:55:48 +0100]

Time that the request is processed on the server

GET /resources/JobService.css HTTP/1.x



Status code-


Size of data sent back to the browser

"http://<server name>:<port>/status/LogWriter/Config"

URL from which the page can be accessed

"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de-DE; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041108Firefox/1.0"

Browser name

For more information about configuring the One Identity Manager Service, see the One Identity Manager Configuration Guide.


One Identity Manager provides various options for extending its log. The log can be configured for each One Identity Manager component.

Detailed information about this topic

Output of extended return values from individual process components

Individual process components have process tasks with parameters that supply extended return values (OUT).

The entire output of the parameter is written to the One Identity Manager Service log file when a error occurs. For example, the output text of the listed commands or programs can be returned when you run a command or a program using the CommandComponent process component.

To log return values

  • In the Designer, enable the Common | Jobservice | DoReturnOutput configuration parameter.

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