The Global.cfg is an XML configuration file in One Identity Manager’s own simplified format. The advantage of this file is that run-time loading is supported. Each of the different modules has its own section allocated within the file.

You can find an example of a configuration file on the installation medium in the QBM\dvd\AddOn\SDK\ConfigSample directory. If the file Global.cfg is in the program directory, it is used when the One Identity Manager tools start up.

The root in the XML file is always called configuration. Each configuration file module and its values are defined in a section category respectively.

NOTE: Entries are case-sensitive. Both the sections and the names of the values must be written in lower case.

Format of global.cfg


<category name="settings">

<value name="language">English</value>

<value name="autoupdateenabled">true</value>

<value name="connectiontimeout">15</value>


<category name="connections">

<value name="database display 1">ConnectionString</value>

<value name="database display 2">ConnectionString</value>



TIP: To generate the (ConnectionString) connection parameters, use the Config Encryptor program. You will find this program on the installation medium in the directory QBM\dvd\AddOn\ConfigEncryptor.

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