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Identity Manager 9.1 - Administration Guide for Connecting to Starling Connect Using Starling Connect Connector

Technical Overview

This section provides an overview of the technical aspects of the Starling Connect Connector Module.

The synchronization of a cloud application with the One Identity Manager database and the provisioning of object changes from the One Identity Manager database to the cloud application is performed by the SCIM connector of One Identity Manager. While creating a synchronization project for Starling Connect connectors, the user has to manually enter the SCIM URL, Authentication endpoint, Authentication type, Client secret and Application/Client ID.

To access cloud applications, the SCIM connector must be installed on a synchronization server. The SCIM connector can communicate with cloud applications that understand the System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) specification. The synchronization server ensures that data is compared between the One Identity Manager database and the cloud application. For more details on SCIM, see SCIM Administration Guide for Connecting to Cloud Applications.

Starling Connect Connector makes the configuration simpler and less prone to errors caused by wrongly entered configuration values. The SCC Connector uses Starling Hybrid Subscription credentials and auto discovers all the Connectors registered with the Connect subscription. It integrates the SCIM capabilities with the Starling Hybrid Subscription in order to create a synchronization project for the connector.


The below mentioned prerequisites must be in place before configuring a synchronization project using the Starling Connect Connector.

  • Enable SCIM server function for the job server.
  • Configure the Starling Hybrid Subscription using a Starling account.

For more information on configuring Starling Hybrid Subscription, see Multi-factor authentication in One Identity Manager.

Installing Starling Connect Connector module

The Starling Connect Connector module installation procedure is similar to installation procedures of other One Identity Manager modules. To install the Starling Connect Connector module, 9.1 or a later version of One Identity Manager is required.

For information on installing Starling Connect Connector module, refer to the Installing One Identity Manager Components section of the One Identity Manager Installation Guide.

Configuring a Synchronization project using Starling Connect Connector

This section provides details about creating a synchronization project using Starling Connect Connector module.

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