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Active Roles 8.1.1 - User Guide

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Moving contacts

To move contacts to another container, select the contacts, right-click the selection, and then click Move. In the Move dialog box, select the container to which you want to move the contacts.

NOTE: The console provides the drag-and-drop function for moving objects. To move contacts, you can drag the selection from the details pane to a destination container in the console tree.

Exporting and importing contacts

With the Active Roles console, you can export contacts to an XML file and then import them from that file to populate a container in a different domain. The export and import operations provide a way to relocate contacts between domains.

To export contacts, select them, right-click the selection, and select All Tasks | Export. In the Export Objects dialog box, specify the file where you want to save the data, and click Save.

To import contacts, right-click the container where you want to place the contacts, and then click Import. In the Import Directory Objects dialog box, select the file to which the contacts were exported, and click Open.

Deleting contacts

To delete contacts, select them, right-click the selection, and click Delete. Then, click Yes to confirm the deletion. If you select multiple contacts, clicking Delete displays the Delete Objects dialog box. To delete all the selected contacts, select the Apply to all items check box, and then click Yes.


  • Deleting a contact is an irreversible operation. A new contact with the same name as a deleted contact does not automatically assume the same membership of distribution and security groups that the deleted contact had.
  • When deleting a contact, you may encounter an error message stating that access is denied. A possible cause of this error is that the contact is protected from deletion. To delete a protected contact, you should first go to the Object tab in the Properties dialog box for that contact, and clear the Protect object from accidental deletion check box.



Management of Exchange Recipients

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