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Identity Manager 9.2 - Web Portal User Guide

General tips and getting started Managing reports Requests
Setting up and configuring request functions Requesting products Managing the Saved for Later list Pending requests Displaying request history Canceling requests Renewing products with limit validity periods Unsubscribing products Displaying requests Undoing approvals Managing request inquiries directed at you
Managing attestations Pending attestations Displaying attestation history Managing attestation inquiries directed at you
Compliance Managing risk index functions Responsibilities
My responsibilities
Managing my departments Managing my application roles Managing my devices Managing my business roles Managing my identities Managing my cost centers Managing my multi-request resources Managing my multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Managing my resources Managing my software applications Managing my locations Managing my system entitlements Managing my system roles Managing my assignment resources
Managing task delegations Ownerships
Managing data
Managing departments Managing user accounts Managing business roles Managing identities Managing cost centers Managing multi-request resources Managing multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Managing resources Managing locations Managing system entitlements Managing system roles Managing assignment resources
Opening other web applications Managing tickets Appendix: Attestation conditions and approval policies from attestation procedures

Displaying and editing assignment resource main data

You can display and edit assignment resources' main data.

To display and edit an assignment resource's main data

  1. In the menu bar click Data administration > Data Explorer.

  2. In the navigation of the Data Explorer, click Assignment resources.

  3. On the Assignment Resources page, click the assignment resource whose main data you want to display/edit.

  4. In the Edit Assignment Resource pane.

  5. Click Save.

Opening other web applications

You can access other web applications through related links.

To open other web applications

  1. In the menu bar, click Links > Other web applications.

  2. In the Other Web Applications pane, click the web application you want to open.

Managing tickets

Tickets are used to manage support, help, or solve problems, queries, or concerns of users.

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Display tickets

To obtain an overview, you can display all the tickets that you created and are assigned to you.

To display all tickets

  1. In the menu bar, click Help desk > Tickets.

    This opens the Tickets page.

  2. (optional) To view details of a ticket, click the corresponding ticket.

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