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Starling Cloud Assistant Hosted - User Guide

Managing senders

The following sections provide information on managing senders within the Starling Cloud Assistant service.

Adding sender applications

In order to use Starling Cloud Assistant, you will need to connect your on-premises One Identity products to your Starling organization. This is done via the join functionality included with all applicable on-premises One Identity products. For information on joining with Starling (and thus being able to connect with Starling Cloud Assistant), see the product documentation related to your on-premises products.

Editing sender applications

Use the Senders page to edit previously added senders.

To edit a sender application

  1. On the Senders page, click the tile of the previously added sender application you want to edit.
  2. A pane will open with the available configuration settings. These settings are specific to each of the sender applications.
  3. Once you have finished configuring the sender application, close the pane to save. You can return to this pane at any time to make changes.

Enabling and disabling sender applications

Once a sender applications has been connected to Starling Cloud Assistant, it can be enabled and disabled via the Senders page.

To enable/disable a sender application

  1. On the Senders page, select the Options drop-down for the sender application you want to either disable or enable.
  2. From the drop-down, depending on the current setting you can select to either Enable or Disable the sender application.
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