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Starling Cloud Assistant Hosted - User Guide

Deleting sender applications

If a sender application is no longer needed then it can be deleted from the Senders page.

To delete a sender application

  1. On the Senders page, select the Options drop-down for the sender application you want to delete.
  2. From the drop-down, select Delete.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.

    The sender application will be removed from Starling Cloud Assistant and all previous configuration will be deleted.



Introduction to Channels

The Channels page is used to configure channels which are external products capable of receiving messages from Starling Cloud Assistant related to your sender applications (on-premises One Identity products configured via the Senders page page).

Channels page

The Channels page is displayed when Channels is clicked in the navigation bar. The Channels page is used

The page is split in 2 parts:

Configured Channels

This section displays all channels that have been configured. For more information, see Adding channels and Editing channels.

Available Channels

This section displays all channels that are available.

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