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Starling Cloud Assistant Hosted - User Guide

Recipients page

The Recipients page is displayed when Recipients is clicked in the navigation bar. The Recipients page is used to add and manage recipients.

IMPORTANT: The Recipients page appears blank until a recipient has been added via the Recipients page or via a sender application that has been configured from an on-premises One Identity product.

The following buttons appear at the top of the page:

Add Recipient

Clicking this button opens the Add Recipient pane where you can configure a new recipient for Starling Cloud Assistant. For more information, see Adding recipients.

This field is used to search for a recipient. To use the search functionality, start typing in the field. The table will automatically update to display results that match.

The following information and option appear in the table on this page:


The name of the recipient.


The number of channels the recipient to which the recipient belongs.


The options in the drop-down are used to manage the recipient.

  • Delete: Select this option to delete the recipient. For more information, see Deleting recipients.

Managing recipients

The following sections provide information on managing recipients within the Starling Cloud Assistant service.

Adding recipients

In order for someone to receive and respond to messages, they must first be configured as a recipient within Starling Cloud Assistant.

To add recipients

  1. On the Recipients page, click Add Recipient.
  2. On the Add Recipient pane, enter a name for the recipient.
  3. In the Email field, enter the email address associated with the recipient.
  4. In the Channels section, select which channels to add for the recipient. For information on configuring channels, see Adding channels.

  5. To save the recipient, click Create.

Deleting recipients

If a recipient is no longer needed, it can be deleted from Starling Cloud Assistant.

To delete a recipient

CAUTION: Deleting a recipient in Starling Cloud Assistant does not delete them from the channels or sender applications.

  1. In the table on the Recipients page, select the Options drop-down associated with the recipient to be deleted.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.

    The recipient will be deleted from Starling Cloud Assistant.

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