One Identity Starling Hosted - User Guide

Ending a service trial

The number of days left in your trial is indicated on the service access button. Once your trial period has ended the service will no longer be accessible. Please see the documentation specific to the service for further information, or use the contact information associated with the service to inquire about purchasing options.

Preview subscriptions

The services available for preview can be accessed by any Starling organization. A subscription to this type of service will provide you with access to a fully-functioning service which you may see expanding over time. This type of service is made available not only as a usable and helpful product upon initial subscription, but also allows you to have an impact on possible future versions of the service based on your feedback and experiences.

Previewing a service

Once logged in, you can preview certain services on the home page of the Starling web site. The available services are listed in the Services section of the page.

To preview a service

  1. Sign in to Starling.
  2. From the home page, locate the service you want to preview (the type of service is indicated by the button associated with the service) and click Preview.

    NOTE: The first time you subscribe to a service (of any type), you will be prompted to enter your location.

    1. In the Your Location dialog, select your country from the drop-down list.
    2. If applicable, a second field will appear in which you must select your state or province from the drop-down list.
    3. Click Confirm.

    The service will be added to the My Services section and be available for use for the length of the preview.

Ending a service preview

When you no longer want access to a service available for preview, you can remove the service from your organization and delete all data associated with it. You must be an administrator to remove a service from an organization.

To end a service preview

IMPORTANT: Ending a preview will permanently delete all data associated with that service.
  1. Sign in to Starling.
  2. From the home page, locate the service you want to stop previewing and click the button associated with it.
  3. Click End Preview.
  4. On the warning dialog, click OK to end the preview and delete all data associated with the service.
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