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Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence Hosted - User Guide

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Deleting a rule

From the Rule Details page, you can delete non-default entitlement classification rules.

NOTE: You are unable to delete a default rule, but default rules can be disabled (for more information, see Disabling a rule).

To delete a rule

  1. From the Rules page, click the rule (or the button associated with it) that you want to delete. This opens the Rule Details page.
  2. On the Rule Details page, click Delete to permanently delete the rule. You will be redirected to the Rules page once the rule has been deleted.



Introduction to Risk

The Risk drop-down menu is used for accessing the Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence pages that allow you to locate and manage accounts within your data sources in order to identify and understand the entitlement classification rules currently applicable to them.

The following pages can be accessed from the Risk drop-down menu:

Introduction to Compare Entitlements

The Compare Entitlements page is used for comparing the entitlements of accounts. This allows you to quickly verify they are assigned entitlements appropriate to their needs and helps ensure consistency between similar accounts in order to avoid inadvertently assigning unnecessary entitlements.

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