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Identity Manager 9.2 - Web Designer Web Portal User Guide

General tips and getting started Managing reports Security keys (WebAuthn) Requests
Setting up and configuring request functions Requesting products Managing the Saved for Later list Pending requests Displaying request history Resubmitting requests Canceling requests Renewing products with limit validity periods Unsubscribing products Displaying requests Undoing approvals Managing request inquiries directed at you Auditing requests Escalated requests
Managing attestations Attestors for attestation cases My attestation cases Pending attestations Displaying attestation history Managing attestation inquiries directed at you Auditing attestations Escalation
Compliance Responsibilities
My responsibilities
Specifying keywords for requestable products Managing my departments Managing my application roles Managing my devices Managing my business roles Managing my identities Managing my cost centers Managing my multi-request resources Managing my multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Managing my resources Managing my software applications Managing my locations Managing my system entitlements Managing my system roles Managing my assignment resources
Managing task delegations Ownerships Auditing
Auditing departments Auditing application roles Auditing devices Auditing business roles Auditing identities Auditing cost centers Auditing multi-request resources Auditing multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Auditing resources Auditing software Auditing locations Auditing system roles Auditing system entitlements Auditing assignment resources
Governance administration
Managing departments Managing business roles Managing identities Managing cost centers Managing multi-request resources Managing multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Managing resources Managing locations System entitlements Managing system roles Managing assignment resources
Opening other web applications Managing tickets Discovering your statistics on the home page Appendix: Attestation conditions and approval policies from attestation procedures Appendix: Page and menu descriptions
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My attestation status (page description) My actions (page description)
Pending attestations (page description)
Pending attestations – Attestation policies (page description) Pending attestations: One Identity Manager application roles (page description) Pending attestations: Departments (page description) Pending attestations: System roles (page description) Pending attestations: Locations (page description) Pending attestations: Business roles (page description) Pending attestations: PAM assets (page description) Pending attestations: PAM user accounts (page description) Pending attestations: Identities (page description) Pending attestations: Cost centers (page description) Pending attestations: User accounts (page description) Pending attestations: System entitlements (page description) Pending attestations: Resources (page description) Pending attestations: Assignment resources (page description) Pending attestation: Multi-request resources (page description) Pending attestations: Software (page description) Pending attestations: Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Pending attestations: Devices (page description) Pending attestations – approvals (page description)
Attestation history (page description) Attestation inquiries (page description)
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My responsibilities (page description)
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Auditing – Departments (page description) Auditing – Application roles (page description) Auditing – Device (page description) Auditing – Business roles (page description) Auditing – Identity details (page description) Auditing – Cost center (page description) Auditing – Multi-request resources (page description) Auditing – Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Auditing - Resources (page description) Auditing – Software (page description) Auditing – Locations (page description) Auditing – System roles (page description) Auditing - Assignment resource (page description) Auditing – Active Directory (page description) Auditing – Azure Active Directory (page description) Auditing – Custom target system group (page description) Auditing – Google Workspace (page description) Auditing – Domino (page description) Auditing – LDAP (page description) Auditing – Oracle E-Business Suite (page description) Auditing – Privileged Account Management (page description) Auditing – SAP R/3 (page description) Auditing – Unix (page description)
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Business roles (page description) Identities (page description) Multi-request resources (page description) Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Organization (page description) Resources (page description) System entitlements (page description) System roles (page description) Assignment resources (page description)
Tickets (menu description)

Displaying report definitions

Use View report definition to view more information about an existing report and make changes if required.

  • Overview

    View assigned properties of the selected report in a Hyper View.

  • Main data

    Edit and modify report properties.

  • Usage

    Viewing identity assignments to a role class.

Detailed information about this topic


Using the Show report definition action, you can open, among other things, an overview of the selected report. All relevant information about the report is provided in abbreviated form in the overview, such as, assigned identities or application roles. They are displayed in shape elements.

To view a report's overview

  1. Open Reports and select the report you want to view.

  2. Click Show report definition.

  3. Select Overview to view all the information about an identity at a glance.

Main data

Use View report definition to open the main data to add missing properties or to edit properties such as the risk index.

To edit the main data

  1. Open the Settings menu and click Reports.

  2. Select a report and, in the details pane, click View report definition.

  3. Select Main data and edit the following settings.

    NOTE: Any fields that are not marked with an asterisk (*) are optional. Optional fields can be filled in when you create the application or at a later stage.

    Table 18: Report main data




    Field for the report name.

    Enter the report's name.

    Report definition

    Base table selection.

    Use Change to select the base table you want from a list.

    Risk index

    Display a scale of 0 to 1 for the risk index and two slide rulers.

    Specify a beginning and an end value within the scale.


    Name of the report owner.

    Use Change to select from a list of owners.

    Service item

    Creating a new service item.

    Use Create a new service item to create a new product.

    You can disable this report definition using Disable.

    Assign to identities

    Selection of identities to receive the report.

    Use Change to select an identity to receive the report.

    Assign to departments

    Selection of departments to receive the report.

    Use Assign to select a department to receive the report.

    Assign to Locations

    Selection of locations to receive the report.

    Use Assign to select a location to receive the report.

    Assign to cost centers

    Selection of cost centers to receive the report.

    Use Assign to select a cost center to receive the report.

  4. Click Save.


Use the View report definition function to display identity assignments to a role class in the Usage view.

To view which roles are contained in a predefined report

  1. Mark a report in Reports view and click View report definition.

  2. Select the Usage view.

  3. Select a role class in the Role classes menu to see the roles contained in the report.

  4. Select More information to view identities assigned to the role memberships.

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