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Identity Manager 9.2 - Web Portal User Guide

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Displaying attestation run reports

You can the display reports of attestation runs. These reports contain detailed information about the attestation runs.

To display an attestation run's report

  1. In the menu bar, click Attestation > Attestation runs.

  2. On the Attestation Runs page, click the attestation run whose report you want to display.

  3. In the View Attestation Run Details pane, click Download report.

    Once the report is completely downloaded, you can open it.

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Extending attestation runs

You can extend attestation runs.

To extend an attestation run

  1. In the menu bar, click Attestation > Attestation runs.

  2. On the Attestation Policy Runs page, click the attestation run that you want to extend.

  3. In the View Attestation Run Details pane, click Extend attestation run.

  4. In the Extend attestation run pane, in the New due date field, enter a new due date.

  5. In the Reason field, enter a reason for extending.

  6. Click Extend attestation run.

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Attestation by peer group analysis

Using peer group analysis, approval for attestation cases can be granted or denied automatically. For example, a peer group might be all identities in the same department. Peer group analysis assumes that these identities require the same products. For example, if the majority of identities belonging to a department have a particular product, assignment to another identity in the department can be approved automatically. This helps to accelerate approval processes.

Peer group analysis can be used during attestation of the following memberships:

  • Assignments of system entitlements to user accounts
  • Secondary memberships in business roles

All identities that have the same manager or that belong to the same primary or secondary division as the identity linked to the attestation object (= identity to be attested) are grouped together as a peer group.

For more information about peer group analysis, see the One Identity Manager Attestation Administration Guide.

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Managing samples

You can perform attestations only for a subset of identities. For example, when attesting all identities would take too long. Samples contain identities that you can use to conduct a sample attestation.

TIP: To use samples in an attestation, assign a sample to the corresponding attestation policy and start the attestation (see Running sample attestations).

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