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Identity Manager 8.1.5 - Web Portal User Guide

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Getting started

The Web Portal is part of a web application that is displayed in a web browser. You can use the Web Portal to request and cancel products, and to renew current requests with limited lifetimes. If you own the necessary entitlements, you are able to approve requests and cancellations, perform attestation, view rule violations, and approve or deny exception approvals. Furthermore, you can change your central password and show statistics.

Depending on your role and level of security, you can use the Web Portal to:

  • Request access to resources

  • Track the progress of requests

  • Approve or deny requests made by your employees

  • Subscribe to reports

  • Manage rule violations

  • View reports and statistics on resources or roles assigned to you or your employees

Tips for using the Web Portal
  • Enable JavaScript in your browser for the Web Portal to work.

  • You can configure and extend the Web Portal using the Web Designer.

  • A minimum screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels is recommended with at least 16-bit color in order to optimize the user interface graphics. A display size of at least 9.7 inches is recommended for mobile displays, for example, when using a tablet.

  • Supported browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 11 or later

    • Firefox (release channel)

    • Chrome (release channel)

    • Safari (current version)

    • Microsoft Edge (release channel)

Detailed information about this topic

Logging on and off

You must be logged onto the system to be able to work with the Web Portal. In order to login, you must know the URL of the Web Portal in your organization. Ask your system administrator for this information.

TIP: If you do not yet have an account, contact your manager.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your password and your account cannot be unlocked with the question-answer function, you can ask your manager for a passcode.

Detailed information about this topic

First login/new account

If you do not already have a user account, you will have to create a new one.

To log onto the system for the first time

  1. In the address line of your web browser, enter the Web address (URL) of the Web Portal to open the login page for the Web Portal.

    TIP: By default, the URL is http://<server name>/<application name>/, where <server name> is the name of the server on which the Web Portal is installed.

  2. Click Create new user account on the login page.

  3. On the Register a new user view, complete at least the Last name and First name mandatory fields and enter your e-mail address.

  4. In the field next to Security code, enter the code displayed.

    TIP: If you cannot clearly identify the code displayed, click Generate a different code to display a new code.

  5. Click Save.

    When the responsible manager has approved your account, you will receive an e-mail containing a link.

  6. Open the confirmation email and click the link.

  7. On the confirmation page, click Confirm e-mail address.

  8. Define your password and your password questions (see also, Change password and Managing password questions).

  9. You can then with log in using this information.

Related topics

Logging in

Open the Web Portal in a web browser.

If your system is also configured for two-factor authentication, other steps might be required to log in. For more information about logging in with your security key, see Logging in with security keys.

To log in to the Web Portal

  1. In the address line of your web browser, enter the web address (URL) of the Web Portal.

    TIP: By default, the URL is http://<server name>/<application name>/, where <server name> is the name of the server on which the Web Portal is installed.

  2. Enter your full user name in the Login name field on the Web Portal's login page.

  3. Enter your personal password in Password.

  4. Click Connect.

    TIP: If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password? Click here.

    Then you are forwarded to the Password Reset Portal. For more information on this topic, see Change password.

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