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Identity Manager 9.1 - Web Designer Web Portal User Guide

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Comparing and merging my locations

You can compare properties of locations that you are responsible for, with the properties of other business roles, departments, cost centers, or locations that you are also responsible for. Then you can take the properties that you want and merge them together.

To compare and merge a location

  1. In the menu bar, click Responsibilities > My Responsibilities.

  2. On the My Responsibilities page, click Locations.

  3. On the Locations page, click the location you want to compare and merge.

  4. On the overview page, click Compare and merge.

  5. In the Compare and merge dialog, in the Object type menu, select the business role, department, cost center, or location to compare and merge with your location.

  6. Click Assign.

  7. In the Comparison role dialog, select the business role/department/cost center/location to compare.

    The assigned memberships and entitlements of both objects are listed with the following information:

    Table 33: Overview of the assignments
    Column Description

    Shows you the name of the assigned entitlement/membership that occurs in one of the selected objects being compared.


    Type of the entitlement/membership.

    <Name of the source object>

    Shows you the entitlement/membership's assignment type. The following assignment types are available.

    • Direct
    • Inherited
    • Requested
    • Dynamic
    • Not assigned

    For more detailed information about assigning company resources, see the One Identity Manager Identity Management Base Module Administration Guide.

    <Name of the compare object>

    Shows you where the entitlement/membership occurs.

    TIP: To arrange the list of assignments better, use the filters available some of the columns. For more information, see Filtering..

  8. In the Compare and merge dialog, click Merge the selected roles.

  9. (Optional) Verify the actions to run and deselect the check box in front of any actions that should not be run.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Click Close.

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Displaying my locations' statistics

You can see statistics of locations for which you are responsible.

To display a location's statistics

  1. In the menu bar, click Responsibilities > My Responsibilities.

  2. On the My Responsibilities page, click Locations.

  3. On the Locations page, click the location whose statistics you want to display.

  4. On the overview page, click Statistics.

    This opens the Statistics for <location name> dialog and shows the location's statistics.

  5. (Optional) To obtain more information about a chart, click the chart or its header.

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Managing my system entitlements

System entitlements map the objects that control access to target system resources in the target systems. A user account obtains the required permissions for accessing target system resources through its memberships in system entitlements.

You can carry out various actions on the system entitlements that you manage and obtain information about them.

You could manage the following system entitlements:

  • Active Directory groups

  • SAP groups

  • SharePoint groups

  • PAM groups

Detailed information about this topic

Displaying my system entitlements

You can see all the system entitlements for which you are responsible.

To display system entitlements

  1. In the menu bar, click Responsibilities > My Responsibilities.

  2. On the My Responsibilities page, click System entitlements.

    This opens the System Entitlements page (see System entitlements (page description)) and displays all the system entitlements for which you are responsible.

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