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Identity Manager 9.1 - Web Designer Web Portal User Guide

General tips and getting started Security keys (WebAuthn) Requests
Setting up and configuring request functions Requesting products Saved for Later list Pending requests Displaying request history Resubmitting requests Canceling requests Renewing products with limit validity periods Unsubscribing products Displaying approvals Undoing approvals Request inquiries Auditing requests Escalated requests
Managing attestations Attestors for attestation cases Sending attestation reminders My attestation cases Pending attestations Displaying attestation history Attestation inquiries Auditing attestations Escalation
Compliance Responsibilities
My responsibilities
Specifying keywords for requestable products Managing my departments Managing my application roles Managing my devices Managing my business roles Managing my identities Managing my cost centers Managing my multi-request resources Managing my multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Managing my resources Managing my software applications Managing my locations Managing my system entitlements Managing my system roles Managing my assignment resources
Delegating tasks Ownerships Auditing
Auditing departments Auditing application roles Auditing devices Auditing business roles Auditing identities Auditing cost centers Auditing multi-request resources Auditing multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Auditing resources Auditing software Auditing locations Auditing system roles Auditing system entitlements Auditing assignment resources
Governance administration
Managing departments Managing business roles Managing identities Managing cost centers Managing multi-request resources Managing multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Managing resources Managing locations System entitlements Managing system roles Managing assignment resources
Applications Calls Discovering your statistics on the home page Appendix: Attestation conditions and approval policies from attestation procedures Appendix: Page and menu descriptions
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My attestation status (page description) My actions (page description)
Pending attestations (page description)
Pending attestations – Attestation policies (page description) Pending attestations: One Identity Manager application roles (page description) Pending attestations: Departments (page description) Pending attestations: System roles (page description) Pending attestations: Locations (page description) Pending attestations: Business roles (page description) Pending attestations: PAM assets (page description) Pending attestations: PAM user accounts (page description) Pending attestations: Employees (page description) Pending attestations: Cost centers (page description) Pending attestations: User accounts (page description) Pending attestations: System entitlements (page description) Pending attestations: Resources (page description) Pending attestations: Assignment resources (page description) Pending attestation: Multi-request resources (page description) Pending attestations: Software (page description) Pending attestations: Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Pending attestations: Devices (page description) Pending attestations – approvals (page description)
Attestation history (page description) Attestation inquiries (page description)
Auditing (page description) Governance administration (page description) Attestation escalation approval (page description)
Compliance (Menu description) Responsibilities (Menu description)
My responsibilities (page description)
Identities (page description) System entitlements (page description) Business roles (page description) System roles (page description) Departments (page description) Cost centers (page description) Locations (page description) Application roles (page description) Resources (page description) Assignment resources (page description) Multi-request resources (page description) Software (page description) Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Devices (page description)
Delegating tasks (page description) Ownerships (page description) Auditing (page description)
Auditing – Departments (page description) Auditing – Application roles (page description) Auditing – Device (page description) Auditing – Business roles (page description) Auditing – Identity details (page description) Auditing – Cost center (page description) Auditing – Multi-request resources (page description) Auditing – Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Auditing - Resources (page description) Auditing – Software (page description) Auditing – Locations (page description) Auditing – System roles (page description) Auditing - Assignment resource (page description) Auditing – Active Directory (page description) Auditing – Azure Active Directory (page description) Auditing – Custom target system group (page description) Auditing – Google Workspace (page description) Auditing – Domino (page description) Auditing – LDAP (page description) Auditing – Oracle E-Business Suite (page description) Auditing – Privileged Account Management (page description) Auditing – SAP R/3 (page description) Auditing – Unix (page description)
Governance administration (page description)
Business roles (page description) Identities (page description) Multi-request resources (page description) Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Organization (page description) Resources (page description) System entitlements (page description) System roles (page description) Assignment resources (page description)
Calls (Menu description)

Attestation - Assignment resource (page description)

To open the Attestation - Assignment resource page go to Responsibilities > Governance Administration > Assignment resources > Edit > Attestation.

On the Attestation - Assignment resource page you can:

The following tables provide an overview of the various functions and contents of the Attestation – Assignment Resource page.

Table 967: Controls



View approvers for pending cases

Use this button to display all identities that still have to make approval decisions about attestation cases Then you can send them reminder mails.

Send reminder

You can use this button to send reminder mails to all identities that still have attestation cases to approve on the current tab (see Sending reminders about assignment resource pending attestation cases).


Opens the Pending Attestations – Assignment resources (see Pending attestations – Assignment resource (page description)).

Use this button to make approval decisions about attestation cases pending for the assignment resource (see Approving and denying assignment resource attestation cases).

Table 968: Controls in the attestation case's details pane



Actions > Send a reminder mail

Use this action to display all identities that can make approval decisions about the attestation case Then you can send reminder emails to these identities (see Sending reminders about assignment resource pending attestation cases).

Show details

You can use this button to display details about all the objects that are included in this attestation case

Table 969: Columns



Display name

Shows the name of the object included in the attestation case.

Attestation policy

Shows the name of the attestation policy in use.


Shows the current status of the attestation case.

The following status' are possible:

  • Pending: The attestation case is not closed yet and must still be approved.

  • Approved: The attestation case was approved. In the details pane, on the Workflow tab, you can see why the attestation case was granted approval.

  • Denied: The attestation case was denied. In the details pane, on the Workflow tab, you can see why the attestation case was denied approval.


Shows whether the attestation case is new. New cases have not been granted approval yet but might have been denied approval before.

Due date

Shows by when the attestation case must be completed.

Risk index

Show the attestation case's risk index.

TIP: You can show less data by using the column filters. For more information, see Filtering.

Calls (Menu description)

You can use items on the Calls menu to perform various actions surrounding calls and collect information. The following tables provide you with an overview of the menu items and actions that can be run here.

Table 970: Menu items


Menu item





New Call

Here you can create new calls.


Call history

Here you can display all the calls.

New call (page description)

To open the New Call page go to Calls > New Call.

On the New Call page, submit a new call.

To record issues that can have different causes, you can create calls. For example, a call can be added for an identity who reports a issue or for products with specific terms of contract. Even devices or the workdesk associated with the problematic device, can be included when adding a call.

You can enter the following information:

Table 971: Main data of a call




Enter a detailed description of the issue.


Select the product involved in this issue.


Select how serious the issue is.

Cost center

Click Assign/Change and then select a cost center.

Additional staff

Click Assign/Change, and then select an identity as an additional contact person.

Call history (page description)

To open the Call History page go to Calls > Call History.

On the Call History page, you can display and edit all existing calls and their details.

The following tables give you an overview of the various features and content on the Call History page.

Table 972: Controls



Display calls

This view allows you to control which calls are displayed:

  • Calls submitted by you for yourself: Select this check box to display calls that you submitted for yourself.
  • Calls submitted by you for others: Select this check box to display calls you submitted for other identities.
  • Calls submitted for you by others: Select this check box to display calls that other identities submitted for your.
  • Closed calls: Check this box to display calls that have already been closed.
Table 973: Controls in the details pane of a call



Main data tab


Select how serious the issue is.


Add or change the issue's description here if necessary.

Last action

Shows you a description of the last action taken for this call. You can edit this action description.


Select the product involved in this issue.

Add a comment

Enter a comment about the call. For example, you can specify what actions will be taken to correct the issue.


Use this button to save your changes to the call.

Attachments tab

Choose file

Use this button to attach a file to this call (for example, a screenshot).


Use this button to delete the attachment from the corresponding row.

Table 974: Columns




Shows you the call number and the creation date of the call.


Shows you the description of the issue.

Call status

Shows you the call is progressing

Reported by

Shows you which identity submitted the call.

TIP: You can show less data by using the column filters. For more information, see Filtering.

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