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Identity Manager 9.1 - Web Designer Web Portal User Guide

General tips and getting started Security keys (WebAuthn) Requests
Setting up and configuring request functions Requesting products Saved for Later list Pending requests Displaying request history Resubmitting requests Canceling requests Renewing products with limit validity periods Unsubscribing products Displaying approvals Undoing approvals Request inquiries Auditing requests Escalated requests
Managing attestations Attestors for attestation cases Sending attestation reminders My attestation cases Pending attestations Displaying attestation history Attestation inquiries Auditing attestations Escalation
Compliance Responsibilities
My responsibilities
Specifying keywords for requestable products Managing my departments Managing my application roles Managing my devices Managing my business roles Managing my identities Managing my cost centers Managing my multi-request resources Managing my multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Managing my resources Managing my software applications Managing my locations Managing my system entitlements Managing my system roles Managing my assignment resources
Delegating tasks Ownerships Auditing
Auditing departments Auditing application roles Auditing devices Auditing business roles Auditing identities Auditing cost centers Auditing multi-request resources Auditing multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Auditing resources Auditing software Auditing locations Auditing system roles Auditing system entitlements Auditing assignment resources
Governance administration
Managing departments Managing business roles Managing identities Managing cost centers Managing multi-request resources Managing multi requestable/unsubscribable resources Managing resources Managing locations System entitlements Managing system roles Managing assignment resources
Applications Calls Discovering your statistics on the home page Appendix: Attestation conditions and approval policies from attestation procedures Appendix: Page and menu descriptions
Information (Menu description) My requests (Menu description) Profile (Menu description) Help (Menu description) Request (Menu description) Attestation (Menu description)
My attestation status (page description) My actions (page description)
Pending attestations (page description)
Pending attestations – Attestation policies (page description) Pending attestations: One Identity Manager application roles (page description) Pending attestations: Departments (page description) Pending attestations: System roles (page description) Pending attestations: Locations (page description) Pending attestations: Business roles (page description) Pending attestations: PAM assets (page description) Pending attestations: PAM user accounts (page description) Pending attestations: Employees (page description) Pending attestations: Cost centers (page description) Pending attestations: User accounts (page description) Pending attestations: System entitlements (page description) Pending attestations: Resources (page description) Pending attestations: Assignment resources (page description) Pending attestation: Multi-request resources (page description) Pending attestations: Software (page description) Pending attestations: Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Pending attestations: Devices (page description) Pending attestations – approvals (page description)
Attestation history (page description) Attestation inquiries (page description)
Auditing (page description) Governance administration (page description) Attestation escalation approval (page description)
Compliance (Menu description) Responsibilities (Menu description)
My responsibilities (page description)
Identities (page description) System entitlements (page description) Business roles (page description) System roles (page description) Departments (page description) Cost centers (page description) Locations (page description) Application roles (page description) Resources (page description) Assignment resources (page description) Multi-request resources (page description) Software (page description) Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Devices (page description)
Delegating tasks (page description) Ownerships (page description) Auditing (page description)
Auditing – Departments (page description) Auditing – Application roles (page description) Auditing – Device (page description) Auditing – Business roles (page description) Auditing – Identity details (page description) Auditing – Cost center (page description) Auditing – Multi-request resources (page description) Auditing – Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Auditing - Resources (page description) Auditing – Software (page description) Auditing – Locations (page description) Auditing – System roles (page description) Auditing - Assignment resource (page description) Auditing – Active Directory (page description) Auditing – Azure Active Directory (page description) Auditing – Custom target system group (page description) Auditing – Google Workspace (page description) Auditing – Domino (page description) Auditing – LDAP (page description) Auditing – Oracle E-Business Suite (page description) Auditing – Privileged Account Management (page description) Auditing – SAP R/3 (page description) Auditing – Unix (page description)
Governance administration (page description)
Business roles (page description) Identities (page description) Multi-request resources (page description) Multi requestable/unsubscribable resources (page description) Organization (page description) Resources (page description) System entitlements (page description) System roles (page description) Assignment resources (page description)
Calls (Menu description)

Overview – Business role (page description)

To open the Overview – Business Role page go to Responsibilities > Auditing > Business Roles > Show details > Overview.

On the Overview - Business role page, you can see all the information relevant to the business role summarized in an overview (see Displaying business role overviews).

This information is displayed as shapes. For more information, click on the links inside one of the shapes.

Main data – Business role (page description)

To open the Main data – Business Role page go to Responsibilities > Auditing > Business Roles > Show details > Main data.

On the Main data – Business role page, you can see the business role's main data (see Displaying business role main data).

Enter the following main data:

Table 543: Business role main data



Business role

Shows the full, descriptive name of the business role.

Short name

Shows the business role's short name.

Internal name

Shows the company internal name of the business role.

Role class

Shows the business role's role class.

To differentiate between different business roles, define company specific role classes. Role classes are used to specify which company resource assignments are possible through roles in a role class.

Parent business role

Shows the parent business role of this business role.

If the business role is at the root of a business role hierarchy, the field is empty.

Role type

Shows the business role's role type.

Role types are mainly used to regulate approval policy inheritance.

Role approver

Shows the role approver.

Members of the selected application role can approve requests for members of the business role.

Role approver (IT)

Shows the IT application role approver.

Members of the selected application role can approve requests for members of the business role.


Shows the identity responsible for the business role.

2nd Manager

Shows the identity acting as a deputy to the business role's manager.

identitys do not inherit

Shows whether identities for this business role are temporarily prevented from inheriting.


Shows the business role's description.


Shows an informative comment about the business role.

Memberships – Business role (page description)

To open the Memberships – Business Role page go to Responsibilities > Auditing > Business Roles > Show details > Memberships.

On the Memberships - Business Role page, you can see identities to which the business role is assigned (see Displaying memberships in business roles).

The following table gives an overview of the different content on the Memberships – Business role page.

Table 544: Columns




Shows you the name of the identity to which the business role is assigned.


Shows you whether the business role was assigned to the identity directly or indirectly.

TIP: For each identity, you can see more useful information in the details pane. To do this, click the appropriate instance in the list. If the identity obtained the membership through a request, you will find more information on the following tabs on the Request tab:

  • Information: Displays general information about a request. The information displayed varies and is dependent on the service category from which the request was triggered.

  • Workflow: Displays the life cycle chronologically as from the time of request.

  • Compliance: Displays possible rule violations for this request.

  • Entitlements: Show which entitlement are assigned to the role (if a role was requested).

TIP: You can show less data by using the column filters. For more information, see Filtering.

Entitlements – Business role (page description)

To open the Entitlements – Business Role page go to Responsibilities > Auditing > Business Roles > Show details > Entitlements.

On the Entitlements – Business role page, you can see the entitlements assigned to the business role (see Displaying business role entitlements).

The following table gives an overview of the content of the Entitlements – Business role page.

Table 545: Columns




Shows you the entitlement's name.


Shows you how the entitlement was assigned. For example, the entitlement might have been assigned through a dynamic role.

Entitlement type

Shows you the entitlement type (for example, report subscriptions, account definition, resources).

TIP: You can show less data by using the column filters. For more information, see Filtering.

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